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Heritage Management

The IHM assists you in developing strategic management tools, effective management systems and beneficial management plans.

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UNESCO nominations

UNESCO World Heritage nominations have become increasingly complex. The IHM assists you and guides your team through the process.

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Impact Assessments

Developments at UNESCO World Heritage properties or designated monuments require Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) - the IHM does it.

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Feasibility Studies

Before investing in a UNESCO World Heritage nomination, ask the IHM to analyze whether your proposal has potential to demostrate OUV.


Latest News

The IHM - Institute for Heritage Management now offers various
training courses for heritage professionals in English and German language.

The courses can be modified to the needs and requirements of your instititon and usually take between 8 hours and 10 working days.
Among the different topics offered are:

  • Successful preparation of UNESCO World Heritage nominations
  • Strategic Heritage Management and Management Planning
  • Heritage Impact Assessments
  • Preparation of Tentative Lists for the World Heritage Convention
  • Participatory Processes in Heritage Management
  • Legal Tools and Processes for Heritage Protection

Current projects

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The IHM assisted the citizen initiative of Dresden-Hellerau in preparing its proposal for the German Tentative List selection process.

The IHM congratulates Hellerau to its selection by the State of Saxonia.

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